Rodale Farms, known for growing organic foods, hosted a fund raising event Thursday night for the Cancer Support Community of the Greater Lehigh Valley.

The event focused on the benefits of eating organic as well as the importance of exercise and its impact on our health.

Despite what recent studies say about organic foods having the same nutritional value as conventional foods, those who grow organic say there's still a big difference between the two.

“We believe when you eat food that does not have pesticides or chemicals, you're eating the true food, the natural food and that the toxins of our environment are not good in your food or ingested into your body,” said Heather Rodale with Rodale Farms.

As a cancer survivor, Rodale says it matters what you put in your body.

“Most people who've had cancer have a much higher interest in keeping all of the toxins out of their body because it makes them feel better and it's just healthier,” Rodale said.

Health benefits aside, there are plenty of other reasons to buy organic, like the affects of farming practices on the environment and animal welfare.

“We're eating more things organic than we did before. I wouldn't touch chicken unless it was roaming around, anti-biotic, hormone and also tranquilizer-free, so I'm real fussy about that,” said Maryalice Gross.

Gross, who has stage four cancer, says eating right is just one of the things she says helps her feel better and gives plenty of credit to the Cancer Support Community.

“It makes me feel hopeful and it decreases my husband's worry because he knows I'm some place safe and having a fuller life,” said Gross.

It's a life Gross makes sure is of the highest quality no matter what the prognosis, from having fun and being in good company to eating organic.