After 14 months of discussion and one tabled vote, the Salisbury Township Board of Commissioners unanimously approved Salisbury’s Comprehensive Plan at Thursday night’s meeting.

The plan updates the last, adopted in 1992, and provides the Planning Commission with a set of goals and recommendations that will help steer its decisions for the next ten to 15 years.

Environmental concerns dominate the plan, with suggestions ranging from protecting environmentally sensitive lands, “natural features of the land,” and water quality to implementing Green building strategies and utilizing sustainable energy. Residents will be encouraged to conserve water and, for those living along creeks, plant trees and vegetation.

Salisbury will seek to promote bicycle use and create a trail system that will connect pedestrians and cyclists to the township’s parks and schools. The plan also encourages outdoor, recreation-based tourism and improvements to the intersection of Seidersville Road, Susquehanna Street and Emmaus Avenue to accommodate pedestrian and bicycle traffic, as well as vehicular.

Keeping the long to-do list in perspective, Board members repeatedly stressed that the plan is not binding.