Will the Saucon Valley Board of Education adopt a policy that would extinguish any romantic flames among staff members?

One board member thinks the district should definitely consider it.

At the request of board member Lanita Lum during Tuesday night‘s meeting, the school district solicitor will look into whether such policies have been implemented in other districts. He will report his findings during an upcoming board meeting.

Lum said she is concerned that allowing dating among faculty members could lead to situations in which the district could be sued.

As a hypothetical example, Lum said what if a supervisor was dating a new staff member in a temporary position and then recommended that person be hired permanently.

Having faculty members who are romantically involved, Lum said, could open the district up to lawsuits claiming hostile work environment and harassment.

Lum’s proposal immediately came under fire from board member Edward Inghrim.

“I worked in corporate America for 35 years and never heard of such a policy,” he said.