Senator Bob Casey delivered tough talk about bullying Thursday to middle school students in Bethlehem.

He says schools nationwide are not doing enough to combat bullying so the Senator is proposing the Safe Schools Improvement Act.

Senator Casey was there to not only commend students for producing anti-bully videos as part of their anti-bullying campaign but also to announce that he will introduce new legislation to prevent bullying.

"It's a very specific set of rules about bullying that are not in place in most places.

That's number one. Number two, put in place prevention strategies so that it doesn't happen and thirdly, keep records," said Sen. Casey.

But Senator Casey admits even a bill is not enough. He says students are key to combating bullying.

"No matter what adults do this problem will not be solved without you," he said. "Most of the solution to this problem will be you."

Ronnie Arena, a 8th grade teacher at Northeast MIddle School agrees.

"So many times adults try to rescue kids and I believe students do have answers that are so much more creative than adults could ever come up with," she said.

What students at Northeast Middle School have come up with is poetry and video as a way to stand-up against bullying.

"We felt there should be a message put out that bullying is not ok and not right and could lead to terrible ends of innocent people," said student Jordan Werner.

Senator Casey's Safe Schools Improvement Act will be introduced next week.

It will then go to the the health, education, labor and pension committee of which he is a member