Police are investigating a shooting that left two people critically wounded outside a bar early Sunday morning.

Allentown police said the shooting happened just before 2:30 outside Joker's Bar on East Hamilton Street.

Investigators were able to briefly interview one of the victims, but said they have few leads.

"They're currently both in the hospital with life threatening wounds," Assistant Police Chief Joe Hanna said.

The victims are two men, 22 and 26.  Police said one is from Allentown, the other from around Philadelphia.

Police are not releasing their names, and investigators said it is not clear if the victims knew each other or who shot them.

"There was some indication that there was some conversation," Hanna said.  "Now, we're not quite sure if that was between the victims and the shooter or if it was among someone else."

After the shooting, police said they found a man hiding in the basement of the bar and took him into custody.

"This individual is currently being questioned," Hanna said.  "We believe that this individual is not tied into the shooting itself."

According to Hanna, officers responded to another shooting near Joker's last year, but he said that generally they have not responded to an unusual number of calls there. 

State liquor license records show just one citation, for noise.

Hanna said investigators are confident the two victims didn't shoot each other.  They said they believe at least one other person was involved. 

At this point, police said, it doesn't appear anyone else witnessed these shootings, but detectives are interviewing people who were in the area.