Only 10 more days until skateboarders will be able to ollie and kick flip in Easton's Centre Square.

Drinky's Downtown Skate Jam will be held on Saturday September 14.

The event will include popular DJs and a Red Bull half pipe along with artists painting murals and other fun activities.

Kutztown native and professional skater and snowboarder Matt Lindenmuth and other professional skaters will also be at the event.

The Skatejam planners say events like these bring more people to Downtown Easton.

"Once they're here, they see all the new beauty they see the public improvements, the private improvements, the new shops, new restaurants, new drinking establishments, new tourist attractions, and they come back down," said Mayor Sal Panto.

The Skate Jam replaces a large-scale snowboarding event that was held in Easton in 2011 and 2012.