Some folks want snow, some say no

Posted: 7:00 PM EST Mar 03, 2013   Updated: 12:22 PM EST Mar 05, 2013

So with another wintery blast on the way, are people cheering or are they hoping it will miss us?

A lot of people say they want warmer temperatures right away.

Some people say the warmer weather helps them look forward to summer festivals like Musikfest.

Other tell us this winter hasn't been so bad, after all.

If these are the last weeks of winter, Mother Nature could either hit our area with a punishing blow or a light jab.

"Not another storm," said Connie Rummer from Emmaus.

No surprise but that seems to be what many are thinking right now.

They wish Jack Frost would just leave the area. 

"I'm anxious for spring," added Bethlehem resident, Paul Sienicki. "Would like to get rid of winter. But one more storm or two isn't going to matter."

Others say they don't want a storm either, but feel people should look at the big picture.

"We've been pretty lucky so far," said Chris Saccone, from Allentown. "Hasn't been a bad year for snow. I haven't shoveled a lot. So if another one comes, another one comes. That's the way it goes you know."

People say they are not rushing to the store to stock up on bread or milk.

They just want temperatures above the 40's .

"I'm ready for spring," added Rummer. "I'm sure the kids would love one more snowfall so they can go sledding and enjoy the winter fun."

More winter fun would be good, but a lot of people say they are ready to get out on the golf course.