A former employee at a repo company has been charged in connection with the theft of money and a laptop almost two months ago, officials said.

Timothy A. Fegely took $535 and a $1,000 Apple MacBook laptop from Upstate Recovery, 3367 Gun Club Road, Upper Nazareth Twp., Northampton Co., on Oct. 28, officials said, adding that Fegley also illegally used a company credit car to pay his $140.98 cell phone bill on Oct. 19.

Fegely initially reported the cash and laptop missing when he reported to work on Oct. 28, telling office manager Felicia Straub in a telephone call that he found the office window open, papers blown all around and the money missing from the coffee cup where it is kept, officials said.

Straub told Fegely if the money and laptop were not found, she would file a police report and contact the landlord, who has surveillance cameras on the outside of the building, officials said.

Fegely phoned Straub a second time and reported he had found the money, which he claimed had fallen into a shredding bin underneath a desk in the office, officials said.

Fegely promised to drop off the cash and the laptop, but Straub later found only $360 in her mailbox, officials said.

Fegely then told Straub by text that he had taken the laptop to the Apple store for repairs, and later phoned her to say he would drop it off at the office, officials said

A short time later, Fegely turned over the laptop, along with another $100, to police who were waiting for him at the office, officials said, adding that Straub told them $75 was still unaccounted for.

At headquarters, Fegely told investigators he had asked a fellow worker to talk with Straub about using the company credit card to pay his cell phone bill and having the amount deducted from his paycheck, officials said. But Fegley's fellow worker denied such a conversation ever took place, they noted.

Fegely, 22, of 3838 Broadway, Cetronia, Lehigh Co., was was arraigned Sunday night on two counts each of theft and receiving stolen property, as well as a charge of access device fraud, and committed to the Northampton County Prison on $20,000 bail, according to court documents.

A preliminary hearing is set for 9 a.m. Dec. 26.