Tough decision: Watching debate or the Yankees

Posted: 8:00 PM EDT Oct 16, 2012   Updated: 12:22 AM EDT Oct 17, 2012

While millions watched Tuesday night's presidential debate, not everyone was focused on politics. At local watering holes, Obama vs. Romney competed against the Yankees-Tigers baseball face-off.

At Oliver Shakewell's in Allentown, the debate may have been on the TV, but it wasn't on the menu for everyone.

"I'd rather watch the baseball game, because it matters right now, and I'd love to see the Yankees lose," said Becky Cardillo of Emmaus, "but the debate is interesting because actual real people get to ask the questions."

Bill Kramer agreed.

69 News asked, "Would you rather be watching something else at the bar?"

"Yeah," Kramer responded.

Like what?

"Can't tell you that!"

Critics said President Obama lost the last debate, but viewers here said the President delivered a much stronger performance this time around.

"I'm just watching him tonight, I think he's going to do a good job tonight," said Ramona Frey of Allentown.

Joe Koller of Allentown agreed.

"He's trying to get people convinced of the fact that they need to stay where they're at," he said. "What I would like to see more in this country is more jobs."

Most of the people at Shakewell's had already made up their minds. They admitted, this debate was not going to change it at this point.