Thursday was Valentine's Day -- a day to express your love and affection to your sweetheart.

One couple did just that, with a horse-drawn carriage ride and a walk down memory lane.

"This is something we're gonna remember the rest of our days," said Perma Mertz, 90.

Perma and her 92-year-old husband, Kenneth, enjoyed a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride in celebration of Valentine's Day.   

The couple have been residents of Country Meadows of Allentown for a short time, but their love has endured a long journey.

"You forgot to do that this morning," Perma said of a kiss from Kenneth.

The couple hasn't always been this loving with each other. In fact, this is their second marriage to each other.  

Perma and Kenneth first married in 1941 but divorced 12 years later. They each went on to marry other people. Then in June 2005, the couple rekindled their romance and remarried each other.

"He flirts. He flirts," Perma said.  

After the carriage ride, the couple went inside to enjoy a special Valentine's Day luncheon hosted by Country Meadows.

"We closed the door on each other, but evidently we must have left a little open because we got back together again," said Perma. "Thank God."

So, what's the key to happiness for the couple?  Communication and... "have a good time and be faithful," Perma said.

Perma and Kenneth did not exchange gifts on this Valentine's Day. They said their love and commitment to each other are all they need.

"Yeah. We're more content now," Perma said.