USA Luge team thanks man who found sleds

Posted: 12:21 AM EST Mar 06, 2013   Updated: 6:34 AM EST Mar 06, 2013

It was a sinking feeling no doubt, the moment the USA Luge team realized its sleds were *lost* in our area, thanks to a simple mistake.

The team has its sleds back and the local man who helped to make it happen isn't walking away empty handed.

Three weeks ago, the USA Luge team was looking for future Olympians at Blue Mountain, in Palmerton, Carbon County.

Gordy Sheer, director of marketing for the team, said it was a long night of setting up.

"Worked until about 11 at night in the rain," said Sheer. "Was a little fatigued and neglected to lock the back latch on our U-Haul and the sleds fell out."

When Sheer figured out what happened, he retraced his steps and that led him to Route 248 and Airport Road.

Except the training sleds weren't there; they were already in the back of a truck.

"I passed them and I thought to myself they looked pretty neat," said Michael Miller, from Northampton. "I stopped back at the guy's house and asked him if he was getting rid of them and he said they weren't his."

So Miller picked up the sleds from the side of the road in East Allen Township and kept them in the back of his truck for six days.

"Then my buddy called me from work," added Miller. "He said the sleds on your truck, he said the cops are looking for them. Right away I thought I was going to go to jail."

Police didn't put him in jail.. 

They actually put him in contact with the team.

Now the five sleds -- valued at $4,000 -- are back with their owners.

"Good to set an example for the kids," said Miller. "Teach them the right thing."

"For me personally, as the person who forgot to latch the gate of the U-Haul, I feel really grateful to the Millers," said Sheer.

The team gave the Millers some team shirts, along with a lot of thanks.

They also made sure, this time, the door was locked for the trip back to Lake Placid, New York.