Utilities set up staging area at Dorney Park

Out-of-state companies have showers, bunks in trailers

Posted: 11:13 AM EDT Nov 01, 2012   Updated: 3:06 PM EDT Nov 01, 2012
Dorney Park staging area

PPL is taking over the parking lots at Dorney Park. The power company has set up a trailer camp and staging area for hundreds of out-of-state workers.

"It can accommodate 200 to 500 utility workers from outside of our area, house and feed them, provide showers, food, supplies, materials, instructions for the day and guides to their work locations," said Michael Wood, spokesman for PPL.

Most hotels in the area that have power are at capacity, with utility workers and families seeking refuge from the cold and dark. So, in order to accommodate more utility workers, PPL came up with the idea of setting up a "camp."

The idea, Wood said, came from utility companies on the Gulf Coast that use similar camp models to house out-of-state workers during major hurricane cleanup. This is the first time PPL has set up such a camp in the Lehigh Valley.