Imagine trying to survive in this weather with only your car heater to warm you.

That's been the reality for one man in Easton over the last two months -- until now.

For the next couple of nights, Keith Triggs won't have to start and stop his car several times a night just to stay warm.

“I came in for a meal and Tyler said 'hey you need to be here.' And here I am,” said Triggs.

Triggs, an Army veteran had a home, but in October 2013 the Mineral Springs hotel in Forks Township, where he lived for 8 years, was destroyed by arson.

“There’s no going home," said Triggs.

Since then he's been driving around with his belongings and wrapping up in two sleeping bags each night.

That is -- until a Code Blue weather alert was issued by Safe Harbor, a shelter in Easton.

“I hate to think of somebody that served our country sleeping outside when we have services that can help them,” said Tyler Rogers, executive director at Safe Harbor.

Safe Harbor has set up temporary cots in the living room, and will make more room if needed.

The beds are not just for veterans.

They're for anyone around the shelter.

“I know at anytime there are 20 people that are outside," said Rogers. "So for me to think in these temperatures that they are out there, I can’t lay my head down at night and know that they are out there in these conditions.”

Many people with no place to go come to the day program to eat lunch and dinner.

Tyler Rogers and other volunteers who have slept in these conditions are trying to make sure others don't have to.

“It’s horrible. It’s very uncomfortable," said Kami Parsons, a resident at Safe Harbor. "When you have nowhere to sleep and then you have to sleep on blankets and cover-up. You don’t know if you’re going to wake up or not.”

“We go out, we invite them," added Rogers. "Not all take the invitation to come, but we hope that most will.”

Keith Triggs is glad he accepted the invitation and he's hoping others in the area do the same.

“If you’re outside, get indoors," said Triggs. "Stay warm and find somebody who cares."