Allentown's latest homicide victim was a young, aspiring rapper.

Michael Randolph, 23, was shot several times early Sunday morning outside the North End Republican Club at Eighth and Tilghman streets.

Most of his friends and fans, however, knew Randolph by his stage name, "O Head."

Behind the mic, he was a larger than life presence, but now, O Head's music is silent.

The lyrics are now replaced by messages left at a makeshift memorial set up at Sixth and Tilghman, just two blocks from where he was killed.

According to Randolph's Facebook page, he was a 2005 William Allen High School graduate. Since then, he poured his passion into music and his newborn daughter.

"There was a bunch of [people] yelling, 'Somebody got shot at the club up next to Dina's Diner,' which is the Republican Club," said Richard Landis, who lives just one block away.

The shooting happened around 3 a.m., a full hour after the club closed.

"A few minutes after that, I seen cop cars flying up Eighth Street, coming up from all different directions," said Landis.

Authorities aren't saying why Randolph was outside the club at that hour, or what circumstances led up to the shooting.

It's just the latest deadly shooting involving a young rapper in Allentown.

In October, 19-year-old Devon Robinson, better known as "Daze Dysh," was gunned down in a convenience store parking lot at 12th and Hamilton. Police caught his suspected killer four months later. That suspect is still awaiting trial.

Allentown Police referred all questions to the Lehigh Co. District Attorney's office.

So far, they have had no comment. Randolph's family declined an interview request as well.