Vigil held in honor of Boston tragedy

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Published: Apr 18 2013 08:00:00 PM EDT   Updated On: Apr 19 2013 11:03:16 AM EDT

The Easton Interfaith Action Committee organized a prayer vigil Thursday night in Easton's Center Square to commemorate those affected by the Boston tragedy.

"One response to difference in society can be hatred but a better response is to see everything that's valuable and whole and sacred in your neighbor and if we can all do that I think that's how the process of comfort really begins," said organizer Rabbi Daniel Stein of B'Nai Abraham Synagogue.

Meaoy Lewis, a Boston native who now lives in Easton, attended the vigil and said it was a way to help her contemplate what happened in her beloved city.

"I was shocked, because I couldn't understand why it happened. It's home to me even though I live in Pennsylvania now Boston is still my home I went to school there, I grew up there. It's home," said Lewis.

"It seems like at this point like this is one of the few things you can really do to have any positive impact to just join together with the community and try to get through it as a group," said Lafayette student Evan Kenagy.

"As the days have gone by I've still been sitting with this anxiety so I think this is a good way to come together as a community and resolve some of those issues," said Stein.

Boston native Lewis said it will take time to resolve the issues but is confident it will happen with the help of others, "Boston's pretty strong so yeah I think they will but it will take time but they'll be ok " she said.