Which do you think was worse? Snowtober or Superstorm Sandy

Posted: 10:41 PM EDT Oct 30, 2012

For many across the region Sandy is causing a strange case of déjà-vu.

Power was out to thousands at this time last year thanks to a freak October snowstorm.

It's mixed reviews from the people we spoke with.

Some say 2011 was worse while others say Sandy dealt a more punishing blow.

For many out there it's no comparison between snowmaggedon and Sandy.

Some feel the 2011 storm wins hands down.

"We were worried about having to spend a couple of nights without power," said one couple from Forks Township. "It's not so cold either."

"This year made a lot of noise," added Jim Kain, from Easton." "A lot of wind and maybe made a mess with the garbage that it blew around and the leaves. I think it was better this year than last year."

Others say all the strong wind gusts of Sandy proved to be much more devastating.

A reason people may not think 2012 is so bad.  This time they were prepared.

"We were more prepared," said Miguel Aponte, from Easton. "We still don't have power in certain areas, but we're functional. Whereas of the last one we were totally caught with our pants down."

Even governor Tom Corbett says being prepared was the key this year.

"We had a lot of notice that this storm was coming so we had a lot of time to get ready," added Corbett. "Lessons learned from last year."

While 2011 seems to have won the battle of the storms, some say being prepared is a major factor.

"I think that we didn't prepare for this whole thing and we just have to suffer the consequences now," said Tony Luqe from Easton.

Of course there are a lot of people still waiting for the lights to come back on.

Some say the real factor in determining which storm was worse is when we find out how much all the cleanup cost.