Even though millions of people remain out of work it may come as a surprise that hiring for the holidays has been tough for some retailers.

Despite one in 11 people in the Lehigh Valley looking for work, Manpower staffing manager Donna Benner says finding that right person -- seasonal or not -- is becoming a tough nut to crack.

"They don't want to hire someone who's hopped from job to job. They want someone who can pass a drug test, someone who doesn't have a felony record," she said. "Really narrows a lot of people out of the running."

Benner says job seekers need to be flexible and willing to take jobs out of their comfort zone which she says not all qualified applicants do.

JC Penney or JCP, is in midst of a brand revamp which includes how it hires.

"Anyone can shop anywhere but come to our store for superior customer service," said Nolan Ivory, JC Penney's Whitehall Township store manager.

Ivory says the days of just hiring anyone who applies is a thing of the past.

"We're looking for the right person to interact with our team and our customer," Ivory said. "I think it's welcoming to know we aren't just hiring to hire. We're hiring the right people."

Staffing agencies say after the holidays a huge influx of job seekers will hit the market.

They advise to get your name in now to places you may want to work.