A late-season snow and sleet storm hit our region Monday night, leading to extremely slick roads and plenty of accidents.

As of late evening, major highways like Interstate 78 and U.S. 22 were slow but passable. However, motorists report the Northeast Extension through Carbon County and points north is very slick. Most side streets also remain snow-covered and treacherous.

"I just came from 78 and it's slow," said Edwin DeJesus of Bethlehem. "A lot of traffic and everybody is taking it easy."

Ben Fralick of Pappas Landcare in Slatington has been all over the region, spreading salt in Wawa parking lots.

"[U.S.] 222 was okay, but downtown Allentown -- the roads are salted but really slick," he said.

Storms like this are especially tricky, according to PennDOT spokesman Sean Brown. He said the snow is deep enough to skid on, but not always deep enough to plow.

"Plowing operation happens mostly when you have a significant amount of accumulation -- more than a few inches," said Brown. "When you have a plowable snow, actually, there's some traction to the roadway. Cars slow down."

With spring just days away, the falling flakes caught some drivers by surprise.

"I didn't expect it to be like this," said DeJesus.

But others said, bring it on!

"I don't like the spring," said Lovett Freeman of Allentown. "I like the winter. We like it cold!"