Woman asks for restraining order against prominent blogger

Posted: 5:34 PM EDT Apr 11, 2012   Updated: 7:04 PM EDT Apr 11, 2012

A woman is asking a court to keep a blogger away from her.

Tricia Mezzacappa, of West Easton, filed a petition for a temporary restraining order against Bernard O'Hare Wednesday in Northampton County Court. She also is requesting protection from stalking and cyber-stalking.

In an interview with 69 News on Wednesday afternoon, O'Hare said he not only intends to contest the petition, but file a lawsuit against Mezzacappa.

Mezzacappa says O'Hare began stalking after an incident in her home last Aug. 26.

Mezzacappa says in her petition that O'Hare disrobed and tried to sexually assault her, but that she managed to throw him out of her house, where he was confronted by Easton police.

Mezzacappa claims O'Hare has tried to destroy her reputation as a nurse by posting false information on various web sites, saying she is a "naturopathic doctor" and a dentist.

She says O'Hare has labeled her "the Wicked Witch of West Easton" on his blog, and has called her "unemployable," "mentally disturbed" and a "documented racist."

Mezzacappa says O'Hare has "regularly accosted" her while she was walking in Hugh Moore Park, 15 miles from his apartment in Nazareth, and has described her exercises and "stretching activities" on his blog.

In her petition, Mezzacappa says she believes O'Hare was involved in a burglary at her home on last Nov. 10, the theft of her wallet a few weeks later, and an attempted poisoning of her pet pot-bellied pig.

O'Hare, who works in the courthouse, spoke about Mezzacappa's petition a few minutes after he had made a copy of it in the Prothonotary's Office.

He called it "a frivolous action" and "fabricated nonsense."

He said the Aug. 26 sexual assault claim was "delusional," adding that he filed a Right to Know request with Easton police after he learned Mezzacappa was making the claim, "and there were no complaints at all."

O'Hare said he was at Mezzacappa's home on that day. "We had gone for a walk, and had dinner. I have an email from her thanking me for a very nice evening."

O'Hare said he met Mezzacappa in March of 2011. "She was a reader of my blog, and she introduced herself to me," O'Hare said. "She began attending Northampton County Council meetings, and I used her as a walking partner. She told me she liked to walk, and so did I."

O'Hare said Mezzacappa became angry with him after he published information he had discovered about a candidate for West Easton Borough Council.

As for blogging extensively about Mezzacappa, O'Hare said, "I've never written a word about her that is untrue. I write five blogs a day, and the time I've spent on Tricia Mezzacappa is minimal."

O'Hare said he views Mezzacappa's petition as "a preemptive strike."

"With all the charges of stalking and sexual assault she's made, I now feel obligated to respond," said O'Hare. "I intend to sue for defamation."