Having a new baby can be an exciting time, but it can also be a scary time.  And that's especially true for women who have no support systems.

Baby showers are a celebration of life.  A time to focus on mom and the baby growing in her belly.

"My first girl out of five boys," said Gladys Suarez.

25-year-old Gladys couldn't keep the smile off her face Saturday as she opened gifts.

"Aww this is cute look at that."

About fifty guests came out to the baby shower.  They ate and played games like guess the baby food flavor.  But they weren't there for just Gladys, this shower was for nine moms.

"Each of the mom's here lives at the sixth street shelter," explained Trish Dilg with Paper Bag Child who organized the event.  "Which means they're either getting services from the shelter or they're living in an apartment at the shelter."

Whether they have a baby in hand or a baby in the belly, none of these moms have a local support system.  This was a way organizers could give them that help.

"This baby shower means a lot," shared Gladys.  "It means a lot to all of us because we don't have anybody."

The entire event was organized by donations and volunteers.  Food, favors, decorations and the piles and piles of presents were all given free of charge.

"Essentially each baby born is going to have several items, pretty much a starter kit for life," added Dilg.

She says it's a rewarding experience, and this won't be the last shower she throws for mom's who need a little extra.

"Until you can see, actually see a mom open a present and be so grateful and so thankful and actually know that someone is thinking about her, it's amazing."

For Gladys it means a new beginning for her growing family, and a chance to move forward with her life.

"It makes me feel like you know tears because it's a blessing, it is," she said.