A bird from a near-extinct species has been released in Northampton County after recovering from a first flight gone wrong.

A young peregrine falcon was found in the parking lot of PPL's Martins Creek Power Plant earlier this month.

The falcon wasn't hurt, but it did need some help with its flying.

"Peregrine falcons just like all birds when they take their first flight, they're not very good at it," said Arthur McMorris, Peregrine Falcon Coordinator of the PA Game Commission. "Kind of like children learning to ride a bicycle. They're not that strong, they're a little bit clumsy, and they have accidents."

Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center made the bird healthy and helped strengthen its flying skills.

The bird took to the air near its family's nest this morning, but it quickly flew behind a cooling tower.

State game officials expect it to reunite with its family.