But resident Julie McDonell said many people dropped out of Citizens for Change because “if it’s not Larry’s way it’s not the right way.” She said she was disappointed when he proudly told her “what a political machine he had in the Citizens for Change group.”

Scott Aquila was appointed as an alternate member of the zoning hearing board by a 3-2 vote. Thomas Sesta, now an alternate, will move up to a “full-time” position on the board.

Lancsek and Conrad voted no on Aquila’s appointment. Conrad explained his vote by saying he did not think it was appropriate to move Sesta to a full-time position. “I’m not sure he expressed an interest the way he should have,” said Conrad, who added Sesta was not part of the interview process.

But Commissioner Douglas Brown said: “The one we chose was eminently qualified and felt to be the best candidate for the position.”

During the meeting, George Doughty was appointed to the township planning commission, but it also was not unanimous.

Reis said he had a problem with Doughty. Elaborating, he said Lehigh Valley International Airport is having financial problems that were incurred when Doughty was the airport’s executive director, problems “based on some decisions he made. I can’t support him being on our planning commission.”

Eichenberg said he initially had similar concerns, but those concerns were allayed during the interview process. He said Doughty worked as an assistant planning director in a municipality in Maryland for a number of years. He cited Doughty’s expertise and “broad goal perspective.”

Brown, Eichenberg and Conrad voted for Doughty. Reis and Lancsek voted against appointing him.

Irvin Keister, current chairman of the planning commission, unanimously was reappointed to another term.

Lancsek also was a candidate to serve on the planning commission, but withdrew his name from consideration when he learned Keister was interested in staying on the commission. Commissioners are allowed to also serve on the planning commission.

Other township appointments:

• Scott Forbes, current chairman of the public safety commission, was reappointed. Peter Pavlovic, who served on that commission’s ad hoc committee, also was appointed to the commission. Michael Datillio was appointed to the ad hoc committee.
• Wilet Thomas was reappointed to the building code board of appeals.
• Christopher Sacchi and Scott Alderfer were reappointed to the environmental advisory council. Alderfer was reappointed chair of that council.
• Blake Marles, former township solicitor, was reappointed to the historical commission.
• Julie McDonell was appointed to the vacancy board.

At the beginning of the meeting, Brent McNabb was honored for 36 years of service to the Lower Macungie Fire Department. He has served as deputy chief, president, captain, lieutenant and, for the last 16 years, as assistant fire chief. He is now becoming an assistant fire marshal in the department.

Fire inspector Ben Galiardo also was honored for 35 years of service to the fire department. Galiardo is former fire chief.