An accused drug dealer led police on a chase through the woods only to be caught with 56 packages of heroin and other drugs in his possession.

Easton Police learned Jonathan Sandiford, wanted by the New Jersey Department of Corrections for escaping a halfway house, was expected to be in Easton on Thursday.

Detectives found him in the 700 block of Wolf Avenue but Sandiford fled into a heavily wooded area.

Eventually police were able to catch him in the area of South 12th Street and Pine Street.

Sandiford had 56 packages of heroin with him, a package of marijuana, $816.00 and a stun gun.

He is now facing possession with the intent to deliver, escape and other charges. 

He is also being charged for crimes he allegedly committed in the past few weeks including delivery of a controlled substance (heroin) and criminal use of a communication facility.