Other proposed changes

Dolan said to protect residents in Residential Parking Permit Zones, enforcement in those zones also will expand from 6 to 9 p.m., “which will increase the likelihood that residents will be able to find parking in their neighborhood.”

Dolan said the parking authority also proposes expanding the form of payment --- using credit cards to pay meters will be allowed and using cell phones to pay them soon will be. But she said people will not be able to use cell phones to extend their time on a parking meter.

She said another proposed change is that tickets for violations no longer necessarily will have to be placed on a vehicle’s windshield.

She said the only new fines proposed are $25 for vehicles with outdated inspection or registration stickers.

She now said if a parking authority officer notices such violations, the fine is $15. She said if a city police officer notices them, the fine is $25.