“We’re asking council to exert whatever influence they can to have these applications acted upon.”

When she asked Dougherty why not action has been taken, he said the city has a multitude of authorities, boards and commissions.

“At almost every council meeting, including tonight, we do our best to fill those vacancies,” said Dougherty. “We can’t get to every board and every commission.”

He added: “This is the mayor’s prerogative. The mayor gets to choose the candidates. I don’t think he has gotten a chance to review any of the applications. The mayor will have to advise who he wants to appoint.”

Said O’Connell: “For the EAC to function in a viable manner for this city, it’s very important that those positions be filled. It’s not like we don’t have applicants. We need to fill these positions on the EAC as quickly as possible.” He said he is willing to call Pawlowski to encourage him to fill the vacancies.