“They’re disrupting council,” he said. “They say: ‘I’m not sitting down until I get an answer to this question’.”

Other issues

O’Connell recommended council reshuffle its meeting agendas so ordinances and resolutions up for final votes are handled first and ordinances only being introduced are placed farther down on agendas.

“I’d like to see everything we have to vote on up front,” said O’Connell, adding people come to meetings because they want to see how council votes.

Hunsicker suggested putting meeting agendas and other printed information being discussed on the two big screens in the front of council chambers so people in the audience can follow along. “That’s a good idea!” said O’Connell.

Guridy said he does not support having video recordings made of City Council meetings, because it will encourage people “to come up and grandstand -- just talk and talk and talk.”