Allentown residents have an opportunity to rid themselves of unwanted firearms and receive a gift card in return.

The city will conduct a Gun Buyback Program on Saturday, May 4 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Iglesia Christiana Emmanuel Church, 113 N. Eighth Street.

The gun buyback program is a collaborative effort involving Mayor Ed Pawlowski and the members of Allentown City Council, and is being coordinated by the Allentown Police Department. It is the city’s second gun buyback program in the last ten months.

City officials say more than 100 weapons were turned in at a gun buyback event in the city last July, including 70 handguns.

“Residents can rid themselves of unwanted guns safely and properly while simultaneously receiving something useful and valuable,” said Pawlowski. “I’m grateful that City Council is partnering with the administration and the police department in this effort.”

The program will be staffed by members of the Allentown Police Department who will be accepting the firearms in exchange for gift cards from K-Mart. A police firearms expert will examine the weapons. Persons intending to turn-in a firearm are requested to produce current photo identification or two forms of current non-photo identification. The firearm should be brought to the location unloaded.

Officers will issue a $100 K-Mart Gift Card for functional weapons, $15 for non-functional weapons and $10 for a BB or Airsoft gun for participating in the event.