Two commercial units also are planned in the development, but planners were told they will not be retail shops that would draw traffic.

After the meeting, Kontir could not predict when Trout Creek Cottages will be back before the planning commission for preliminary and/or final approval.

But he did say he hopes to get all approvals by mid-summer, adding: "We'll start construction right after that." He predicted sales of the new cottages probably will begin sometime in 2015.

Four-home subdivision tabled

The planning commission also considered a sketch plan for a four-lot subdivision on one acre at 502 Cedar Creek Blvd.

Single-family homes would be built on the four lots, which would require extending Cedar Creek Boulevard near S. 22nd and South streets.

Several neighbors interested in the proposal attended the meeting.

Foucek assured residents the planning commission was only looking at a sketch plan. "We're far from approving a final or even a preliminary plan on this.
This is just the start of a process."

The developer is Elysium Acquisitions.

The project might require city approval for a "temporary' turn-around or cul-de-sac on city-owned property, until Cedar Creek Boulevard eventually would be extended to Mosser Street.

But Hefele said he doesn't know that the city has any intention to extend Cedar Creek Boulevard to Mosser.

And any transfer of city property requires City Council approval, said Young.

"My recommendation is you don't go down that path," said Hefele. "It's on city park land. That's going to be an issue. It's a long, drawn-out problem. There should be an easier way to handle that."

Hefele recommending tabling the proposal because "it utilizes property they don't control."

"We need to meet as a staff with the developer. This was presented without any discussion with anybody at the staff level."

Planning commission members agreed to table the plan.