Allentown, Pa. -

Three shootings in just 24 hours are keeping Allentown Police detectives busy this weekend. The latest shooting happened in a usually quiet area.

The South Mountain Apartments on West Emaus Avenue are usually pretty quiet. That's what Leslie Agosto likes about it.

"I definitely moved from Center City [to] here because this is a quiet area," she said.

But Friday night, gunfire rang out. Police said an unidentified 21 year-old man was shot in the lower body. He's now out of the hospital, they said. Neighbors are hoping it was an isolated incident.

"Usually it's really quiet here," said Agosto. "It's surprising that you tell me this, because usually it's just like this -- really quiet."

The shooting came within the same 24 hours as two more shootings, both downtown. Both of those victims survived as well. Police don't think that these three shootings are connected, but said they can't completely rule it out yet. So far, authorities have made no arrests.

Back on Emaus Avenue, they're hoping this isn't a new trend. Back in February, a man was shot to death at the Wynnewood Apartments just down the street. Two people are now charged with the crime.

"I have a small child and usually -- I never heard any complaints about this neighborhood," said Agosto.