Allentown snow removal set for Mon, Tues.

Posted: 10:44 AM EST Feb 10, 2014

Thanks to recent snowstorms, large piles of snow have accumulated on certain streets, and now it's time to reduce the size of those piles.

The City of Allentown will continue removing snow in certain areas Monday and Tuesday.

Crews will be removing accumulated large piles of snow from recent storms:
on Allen Street from Brick to Bryan, beginning Monday at 3 p.m. and continuing until the snow is removed.

Crews will be on Liberty Street Monday at 7 p.m. until the snow is removed:
from Brick to the dead end at Third Street and
Front Street from Gordon to Linden streets

On Tuesday evening, crews will be removing snow from 7 p.m. until snow is removed::
Ridge Avenue from American Parkway to Linden Street,
Chew Street from Front Street to Third Street, and
Turner Street from Railroad to Third Street.

Officials say 'No Parking' signs are posted in the work areas.

Once the snow has been removed, parking will be permitted as usual.

Those with questions can call (610) 437-7638.