The city rejected an early PennDOT proposal for Basin Street, which would have involved reducing traffic to only one lane in each direction, with a four-foot-wide median of planters separating the two lanes.

The city is getting federal funds totaling $575,000 that will completely pay for the Basin Street safety improvements -- $500,000 for construction and $75,000 for a construction inspector.

Young said the city is in the process of hiring a consultant to serve as construction inspector.

The project originally was supposed to be completed by this summer, but O'Connell said the federal funding just became available.

Young indicated all of South 4th Street, which is what Basin Street becomes south of Auburn Street, needs improvements "but that's a much, much larger project."

On Wednesday night, O'Connell's three-member committee unanimously agreed to have the full City Council act on approving the federal funding for the Basin Street project next week

O'Connell's committee also will recommend that City Council vacate a short section of E. Jeans Street in east Allentown. It is an alley existing only on paper between N. Gilmore to N. Glynn streets, two other streets that don't actually exist in that location.

Young said vacating that section of Jeans Street is just a formality.
He explained the city has lost its right to build a street there because more than 21 years have passed.

He said each adjoining property owner will get 10 feet more land, half of the alley's right-of-way.