Schneider was grilled by Atty. William Malkames, who said he was representing “727 N. Meadow St. LLC, a neighbor of this property.” When asked by Toth, Malkames said that address is apartments across the street owned by Nat Hyman.

Schneider confirmed to Malkames that he does recycling work for three companies.

When asked if he was doing the work for other companies, Schneider said: “I’d have to get back to you on that. I’d have to give that some thought.”

When Malkames asked Schneider if the project’s description had changed since it first was proposed, Schneider replied: “I don’t know.”

Said Malkames: “I can help you with that.”

Said Schneider: “If you knew the answer, why would you ask the question?”

Malkames later told the planners: “Today is the day he should be able to tell us what it is he’s going to do.”