Emergency crews were called in again to check out another suspicious package at a Lehigh Valley Health Network building.

The call came shortly around 9:30 a.m Friday at the medical building at 3080 Hamilton Blvd. in South Whitehall Twp., Lehigh Co.

Staff in one of the building's four medical offices reported an odor coming from the package, police said.

Officials evacuated the part of the building where the package was found while the rest of the building was searched.

In the meantime, several people who reported physical irritations or discomfort were decontaminated at the scene and then transported to Lehigh Valley Hospital for further evacuation.

The building was later deemed to be safe. The package, which was determined to be an envelope from a medical company that frequently conducts business with the medical office, was found to be clear of any hazards.

This is the third package to prompt suspicions at an LVH site in less than two weeks. One was found in the women's restroom at the Salisbury Township hospital on April 18; the other was found in the parking lot of the building on April 14.