Kids were thrilled to have a snow day Tuesday. They didn't waste any time and made the most of their day sledding, snow tubing, making the perfect snowball and building snowmen.

"I just like to go sledding with my friends and have fun," said Carlee Davidson, who turns ten Wednesday. "I think it might be back to school tomorrow for my birthday but I'm really hoping we don't have school."

"We're just having a lot of fun going down the hills," said seven-year-old Kassia Kuczynski.  "I don't have to worry about learning or concentrating on the teacher or anything."

"I was happy we didn't have school," said eleven-year-old Joseph Merkel. "Going sledding and just having fun going down on the snow."

The day in the snow was all about making memories for Jason Ortiz and his four-year-old son, Elijah.

"I love being with my son and we're here to have fun," said Ortiz. "We're actually, after this,  going to go back and build gingerbread houses."