Bangor Area School District exceeds state graduation rate

District is already ahead of statewide goal of 90 percent

Posted: 12:14 AM EDT Oct 29, 2013

The Bangor Area School District already has the jump on a statewide push to get graduation rates up to 90 percent by 2017, an initiative Gov. Tom Corbett’s wife has made a top priority.

The graduation rate across the state is 82 percent. Students in Bangor graduate at a 92 percent rate, said School Board President Pamela Colton at a board meeting Monday night.

“We’re already there,” Colton said. “We’re ahead of the standard they want in a few years already.”

At a recent meeting, Corbett’s wife, Susan, commented on the state’s graduation rate, saying “That’s not good enough.,”

Susan Corbett is leading an initiative called “Opening Doors,” a plan to identify struggling students early in their education and get them help.

In another piece of good news, Frank J. DeFelice, the acting superintendent, was notified the  district  has received a clean bill of health from an audit by the Department of Education for the fiscal years ending June 30, 2008 and 2007.