Continuing visits from a bear has an Upper Milford neighborhood on edge.

Many residents have reported seeing the bear in the area of Vera Cruz and Jasper Park.

One resident says she has seen a bear in her neighborhood regularly for the past month.

Another resident with young children says the regular bear visits has her family concerned for their safety.

Online comments submitted today by 69 News viewers in the area include:

"The was in my back yard last night and authorities were called but nothing ever happened. Now again this bear was spotted again this morning on Main Road West in Emmaus. This area has lots of children out playing and for the authorities not to be out looking for it is not fair and unsafe for our children."

"The bear came into my yard last night with my kids and dogs out. I contacted authorities but no response. Now this bear is in my neighbor's yard at 10:06 a.m. People need to know. Kids and animals are out everywhere. Please help."