Residents of Hilltown Township are advised that there was a bear sighting in the Township on Tuesday.

The bear was sighted just north of the Hilltown Village section of the Township.

Authorities believe the bear will likely keep moving through the area and is not considered to pose any significant threat to residents.

Authorities also requests that residents refrain from approaching the bear under any circumstance and to report any sightings to police at  215-453-6011.

Authorities say bears are usually shy and will leave an area to avoid human contact.

However, the Game Commission has provided some safety tips and precautions if you ever encounter a bear.

Generally, do not knowingly approach any bear and do not feed them.

Secure trash cans and store all pet and bird food inside.

Make your presence known to the bear by making loud noise and shouting at the bear to scare it away.

If you find  yourself in close proximity to a bear avoid eye contact and back away slowly.

In the extremely, unlikely and rare instance of a bear attack, you are advised to fight back.