City Council and people in the audience stood to applaud Mayor John Callahan, who was attending his final council meeting.

The applause came after Evans thanked Callahan for all he has done, saying Bethlehem is a better city than it was before Callahan became mayor 10 years ago. “You certainly have left quite a legacy on the city, for all of us. We do appreciate that.”

Callahan said it was a tremendous honor, not only to be mayor, but first to serve six years on City Council.

He said his years as mayor were marked by “transformation, growth and transition. I’m very proud of what we’ve been able to achieve over the last 10 years. In every way you can measure the strength of a community, we’re better today than we were 10 years ago,

“Very few communities have lost what Bethlehem has lost, as a result of the loss of Bethlehem Steel, and even fewer communities can say they came back from such a loss. It’s been a wonderful opportunity.”

While “I get to make the speeches,” Callahan indicated council, city employees and Bethlehem residents all contributed to that success.

Other business

Also during the council meeting:

• Evans updated plans to appoint a new council member to serve the
last two years of Donchez’s term. He said several people already have applied and expects more to do so. The council president said applications are being collected until Dec. 31. Council member agreed with his plan to interview candidates on Jan. 27, then attempt to select one of the applicants on Jan. 30. Evans said council also will schedule a meeting for Feb. 3, in case it cannot agree on a candidate on Jan. 30. He said the new council member will be sworn in to participate in the regularly-scheduled council meeting on Feb. 4. The position must be filled by Feb. 5.

• Council made changes to the structure of the Bethlehem Environmental
Advisory Council, so a member of City Council is one of the seven residents serving on the EAC. The person who chairs the EAC will be picked by City Council, but the council member who serving on the EAC will not be allowed to be its chairman. A member of the Bethlehem Planning Commission no longer will serve as a non-voting liaison to the EAC.

• Anthony J. Bauer was recognized by council for his 43-year career
working in the city’s engineering department. He began that career in
1970 as an engineering aide in the public works department and worked his way up to project engineer before retiring.

• Council approved a lease for a food concession stand, called Alozie’s Frosty Delights, which will operate at the Schaffer Municipal Ice Skating Rink along Illicks Mill Road. The stand will operate only during ice skating season.