Bethlehem residents: City hasn't done enough to clear snow

Posted: 6:23 PM EST Feb 06, 2014
Bethlehem residents City hasn t done enough to clear snow

69 News received numerous complaints from people in Bethlehem, saying the city isn't doing enough to clear the streets, but the city told us crews have plowed almost every road.

"Aggravated, a little upset because of the conditions of the roads," shared Donald Deck.

The Bethlehem resident said he is frustrated and claims city plows did a lousy job clearing the streets.

"The plows came down and just plowed all the cars in," he explained.  "But they expected everybody to get out and get to work and all the children get to school."

Some city streets still have a coating of slush, and large mounds of frozen snow are keeping many cars from going anywhere. The icy leftovers forcing folks to work long and hard to make any progress.

We checked in with Michael Alkhal, the public works director, to see what was being done.

"With the resources, with the constraints, with the conditions that we had to deal with, our crews did a fantastic job," he said.

Alkhal told us there were about 40 salt and plow trucks hitting the nearly 260 miles of streets earlier in the week.  Crews are still working to clean things up.

"Sometimes there is stress created by the snow being piled on cars or being plowed toward cars," Alkhal described.  "They do their best to push it to corners, but depending on the length of the street and the amount of snow, you can only go so far."

Alkhal said a water main break and a sinkhole on the West side of the city pulled some manpower away from clearing show. That, combined with how heavy and iced over the snow got did slow things down, but Alkhal told us every road has been plowed.