The city of Bethlehem has stopped giving business to a company after it was discovered that a city administrator is a part owner.

According to Mayor Robert Donchez, he was notified on June 17 that the city had been using a private company -- Barnsdale Associates -- for the removal of debris from city property.

Barnsdale owns a large piece of land used to dump 'clean fill' such as earth, clay, stone,  from excavation sites.

City Controller Dave DiGiacinto and City Solicitor William Leeson told Donchez that City Business Administrator David Brong is a part owner of Barnsdale.

Donchez said he has directed the city to stop giving business to Barnsdale.

"It is completely unacceptable to me as Mayor, for any department head to be involved with a private business that does work for the city," Donchez said.

"In keeping with my pledge, to have a transparent government in Bethlehem and to assure that the private interests of City Department Heads are not in conflict with their duty of loyalty owed to the city, I am directing the City Solicitor to conduct a complete review and report back to me with all details on this matter," he added.

Brong said Tuesday that he's a 1/6 owner of Barnsdale, and had no idea the city was giving business to Barnsdale until the mayor told him about the arrangement.

Donchez said he will decide later if there will be remedial measures and disciplinary action, if necessary, after reading the solicitor's report.