One year after the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting in Newtown, Conn., members of the Lehigh Valley Chapter of Organizing For Action held a vigil.

The ceremony was hosted at the Bethlehem City Hall Plaza on Sunday afternoon.

Members honored the 20 children and six adults who died in the shooting.

"No one will ever forget Sandy Hook," said Fritz Walker, who helped organize the event.

But the day also shed light on other mass shootings, including the one at the Ross Township supervisors' meeting on Aug. 5.

Linda Kozic was in the room when police say Rockne Newell opened fire and killed her husband, Jerry. Dave Fleetwood and James LaGuardia were also killed.

Linda Kozic survived her gunshot wounds, but has since been confined to a wheelchair.

"Of the three of us, I was the only one to walk out alive, barely alive," Kozic said.

Kozic shared her story with those in attendance Sunday afternoon.

Twenty-nine empty chairs were displayed in front of the podium to symbolize the 26 victims of Sandy Hook and the three victims at the Ross Township shooting.

Speakers also read the names of 179 children under the age of 10 who were shot and killed this year.

"We continue to live the pain of far, far too much gun violence. For now in the Lehigh Valley and all across America, we are Newtown," Walker said.