Billboard in Northampton County hijacked for fundraiser

Miracle League will benefit from Tom Ring's billboard squat

Posted: 1:38 PM EST Dec 24, 2013   Updated: 12:13 PM EDT Oct 29, 2013
Billboard in Palmer Twp.

A filmmaker's billboard set turned into a fundraiser after a local car dealer took over the scene in Northampton County.

Zeke Zelker had been rehearsing for the play, The Great WTYT 960 Billboard Sitting Contest Live!, which will be presented at the State Theatre in Easton on Nov. 7.

Zelker said his actors were up on the billboard Sunday and planned to return Tuesday morning, but when they got there Tuesday, they found Brown Daub Kia's Tom Ring there.

Ring said he refuses to come down from the billboard until he raises $25,000 for the Miracle League.

"Obviously, I was upset finding Tom up on my billboard," Zelker said. "I’m in the midst of rehearsals... and we’re using the billboard as a promotion for the play and a place to hold rehearsals. Being up there has really helped my actors get into character and understand the position that they’re in.

"After chatting with Tom, we decided to team up and really make this a concerted effort to raise money for the Miracle League. I guess it’s about life imitating art. I’m certain with our combined efforts, we will make this an event to remember, too.”

The billboard is located at the Palmer Community Center, 4100 Green Pond Rd., Palmer Township.