Catholic colleges guide recommends DeSales U

Latest edition of Newman Guide published Monday

Posted: 6:06 PM EDT Oct 07, 2013

DeSales University in Center Valley is recommended by The Cardinal Newman Society in the new edition of "The Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College," which was published Monday.

The guide and its updated companion magazine "My Future, My Faith"are designed to help people seeking information on "faithful" Catholic colleges and universities easy.

Both publications are available for free online.

"DeSales does not serve only faithful Catholics, and its regional reputation and wide variety of majors attracts students for secular reasons," according to the guide.

"But the university’s leadership has ensured a clear Catholic identity that determines its policies and curriculum.

"The solid general education program and authentic theology, combined with specialized programs that may not be available at other Catholic liberal arts colleges, will be attractive to many Catholic families seeking a faithful Catholic education.”

Published since 2007, The Newman Guide recommends 28 colleges, universities and online programs "for strength of Catholic identity and academic excellence, with an emphasis on undergraduate education."

Twenty-two of the recommended colleges are in the United States, four are English-language instruction programs in other countries, and  two are online programs.

New for the 2014 edition is a news feed of recent stories about each college and updates to each recommended college’s photos, videos and social media links.

In addition, and at the request of countless Catholic families, the Newman Society asked nearly 100 questions of each college on everything from Mass and confession times to what majors are offered, and from visiting hours in the dorms to a list of campus clubs and activities.

“Because every Catholic college is unique, families need more than simple checklists or government-collected data to make decisions,” said Patrick J. Reilly, president of The Cardinal Newman Society, in a news release

“Whereas most other guides rely on the same data, The Newman Guide digs deeper and draws upon our 20 years of promoting and defending faithful Catholic education.”

“For those students seeking a college education, I cannot recommend enough that they take a close look at the broad range of faithful colleges recommended in The Newman Guide,” said Thomas Mead, Executive Vice President of the Newman Society and managing editor of the guide and magazine.

“While strong Catholic campus ministries at secular colleges can minimize the well-documented and too often destructive secular influences at public colleges and universities, only at a faithful Catholic college will a student be able to find a truly Catholic education.”