An Allentown man accused of storming a school bus in August had that charge dropped, officials said.

The incident happened around 3:40 p.m. August 30 after one of the kindergarten and first grade students allegedly gave Bartholomew the middle finger, police said.

When the bus stopped at Pennsylvania Avenue at Ulster Road in Hanover Twp., Lehigh County, Bartholomew boarded the bus to yell loudly, police said.

According to state police, Bartholomew eventually got off the bus but continued to yell at the students from outside as the bus drove away.

On Tuesday, Bartholomew was in court for a preliminary hearing, and the misdemeanor charge of unauthorized entry of a school bus was dropped.

It was replaced with a non-traffic summary charge of disorderly conduct.

Bartholomew paid a $50 fine, plus court costs.