A Lehigh County woman, accused of stealing thousands of dollars from a charity set up to help sick kids, has admitted to the crime.

According to the Lehigh County District Attorney's Office, Charmaine McKelvey, of Breiningsville, pleaded guilty Monday to theft by failure to make a required disposition of funds.  

She was sentenced to up to 23 months in jail and three years probation. She was also ordered to pay $23,580 in restitution.

 Police say McKelvey organized a bogus raffle in August, 2013 to benefit the Race for Adam Foundation.

The raffle was supposed to benefit children battling a genetic disease, but officials with the foundation say they never received the money raised from the raffle.

Matt Tobias, with the Race for Adam Foundation said, "We don't think the punishment is enough, but we accept it. We want to move on and continue doing what we do best, raising money to battle Childhood Alzheimer's."