He said issues that still need to be resolved in that agreement include maintenance, liability and rules and regulations for use of the area.

Hefele told the commission: “That agreement is more of a city administrative matter than a planning commission matter. We recommend your approval be conditioned on the developers resolving those issues with the city.”

The Waterfront project is being done by Waterfront Redevelopment Partners, a partnership between Jaindl Properties and Dunn Twiggar Company,

Apartments in the Parkway

Apartments in the Parkway, which will have a total of 170 units, will be built on the opposite side of Little Lehigh Creek from the intersection of Martin Luther King Drive and Lehigh Parkway East.

They will rise at 1605-1626 Lehigh Parkway East, on about four acres of undeveloped land just east of where that road bends and drops down the hill toward the humped bridge over the creek.

The triangular “island” where Lehigh Parkway East meets Lehigh Parkway North near the north end of another nearby bridge will be eliminated, replaced with a T-shaped intersection.

The new buildings will be just below the Regency Towers high-rise apartment building that stands above that narrow section of the parkway.

Jeffrey Ott, engineer for the project, predicted construction of the two buildings might begin in spring. He added completion will take at least 12-18 months.

A condition of the planning commission’s final approval will be that the developer and city administration must reach an agreement involving a drainage easement for a swale that will carry storm water run-off from the apartments across a narrow section of Lehigh Parkway and into the creek.