"I empathize with how upset people become when we do this," said Fosselman. "I think they do my street last. I live in a cul-de-sac and they dump the snow right in my front yard. They've got to put it somewhere. I guess my grass will be much greener this summer."

He thanked people for their patience, saying the township has to do 134 miles of roads.

He said snow removal will be done Friday on Sauerkraut and Willow lanes. On Monday and Tuesday, he added, the township will be working in Heritage Heights, Ancient Oaks West and Hills at Lock Ridge.

He said no parking signs are put on streets to be cleared and notes stating "we do not want to tow you" are put on parked cars. He said the township has not had to tow any cars after the recent snowstorms.

Fosselman's presentation included video of a piece of equipment called the Blue Goose, which looks like an overgrown snow blower pushed by a tractor. It cuts up snow and ice and hurls it into dump trucks, which haul it to nearby parks. He said several dump trucks wait in line behind the Blue Goose, because it fills them so quickly.

He said this was the first winter the Blue Goose has been needed since 2009.

Fosselman said the township uses about 100 tons of salt for every snowstorm. "We were never out of salt or in desperate need for salt.

We actually gave some to communities that needed it. We were prepared."

After the meeting, he indicated handling all that snow has not put a financial strain on the township budget.

 "We're six inches away from the most snow ever, since 1922, when they started recording it in this area," said Higgins. "There's supposed to be another storm next week; we could be well over that total."

Other news

 Also during the meeting, commissioners:

  •  Appointed finance director Cassandra Williams the township treasurer, as required by the state's First Class Township Code;
  •  Briefly discussed the possibility of having an annual township fair or bazaar, possibly with hit-the-manager-with-a-pie or dunk-the-commissioners booths;
  • Agreed to meet only once in July, canceling the meeting scheduled for July 3.
  • Solicitor Richard Somach told commissioners he is reviewing the township's rules on sidewalks. Somach said one of the issues is gaps where no sidewalks exist between other properties that have sidewalks. Can the township require that a sidewalk be installed, he asked, does the township or the property owner pay for it "and whose responsibility is it to maintain it after it is put in?"