It was a rough start to the workday for many Lehigh Valley residents.

"Below the turnpike from Lititz to here the visibility was terrible," said Faith Higley.

A slow procession of headlights made its way down 222 in Brienigsville, Lehigh County.

"I have seen a couple of people just fender benders just trying to stop," said Higley.

Over in Shimmerville on Route 100.

Some people got stuck on the road for hours.

"The hills were icy so ice packed so until the salt truck came through the truckers were stuck there the cars got turned around but the trucks got stuck," said Kevin Kaufman

Stuck didn't stick to the highway.

Folks on Finady Avenue in Bethlehem know all about it.

Several neighbors were out  trying to dig out and get down their street.   

"I am trying to spin around and get our there. It's not working. no," said Bethlehem resident Graham Watt.

It's a yearly ritual these residents have gotten used to, when it snows..

"It's a pretty bad street and it's even worse in the snow we always have a hard time getting up and down," said Ryan Allen.

In Nazareth It was a day of motorized and manual snow cleanup.

Bruce Stimmel says clearing his sidewalks was a piece of cake.

But he says having to use a shovel isn't very appetizing.

"Snow blower might be in the picture down the road.

I recent bought a generator for those outages so I guess my next purchase may be a snow blower or moving South when I retire shortly, " said Stimmel.