Slemmer said some of the containers temporarily will be stored beneath overhangs outside the building in winter months, if they arrive covered in snow. He said they will remain outside only until that snow can be cleaned off.

The plant manager said noise will be contained within the building unless doors are open, Then “you probably would hear something that sounds like a power washer. But it would not be heard indoors in another home.”

The manager also said no smoke, odors or vibrations will emanate from the operation.

Convenience store denied

Also Monday, the zoning board unanimously rejected a request by Juan Diaz to open a convenience store on the first floor of 827 N. 6th St., because such a use is not permitted in that residential neighborhood and the property lacks sufficient parking.

Diaz anticipated getting as many as 200 customers a day at the store on the corner of 6th and Cedar streets, but said most would come from the immediate neighborhood.

Reynaldo Ortiz, who owns two nearby properties along N. 6th Street, objected to the plan because it’s already very hard to find parking in that neighborhood. But Ortiz stressed Diaz “runs a real good business” in his existing store along 2nd Street in the city.