A man on death row for killing four people in Northampton County is facing another psychological evaluation.

Michael Ballard was back in court Friday morning to ask the court to stop appeals in his death sentence case without his permission.

He had a chance to appeal his death sentence but he has said recently he wants the appeals process to be over.

In 2010, police responded to a home on Lincoln Avenue in the borough of Northampton. What they found was a bloody scene. Four people were stabbed to death.

The dead included Ballard's ex-girlfriend Denise Merhi, 39, her father Dennis Marsh, 62, her grandfather Alvin Marsh, 87, and Steven Zernhelt, 53, a neighbor who came to try to help the family.

In April 2011, Ballard pleaded guilty to the murders. The next month, a jury took less than two hours to hand down his sentence, death. Four death sentences in total, one for each victim.

On Friday, a judge ruled that Ballard must undergo another psychological evaluation, to be done in the next 45 days.

The judge also issued a temporary order that prohibits anyone from filing petitions on Ballard's behalf.

Ballard told the judge he didn't think another psych evaluation was necessary, since three were done for his murder trial.

But Ballard did tell the judge he would cooperate during another evaluation.